Unlocking Metallic Properties

Incus provides the technological solutions to manufacture so-called green parts as the foundation for exceptional part manufacturing. To achieve the final metallic properties in your parts, a debinding and sintering process is required, similar to traditional powder metallurgy techniques like Metal Injection Molding.

The choice of debinding and sintering methods varies depending on the type of metals used and the quantities of parts required. This is where Incus steps in with its skilled network of cooperation partners and in-house expertise to assist you in selecting the most suitable debinding and sintering strategy.

Debinding: The Gateway to Quality

The feedstock and the printed green parts consist of approximately 55% metal powder and 45% photopolymer binder or resin. During the debinding phase, the binder is removed from the green parts. Thermal debinding, where the binder materials gradually evaporate or burn off as the temperature rises, is a common method. Other debinding methods, such as solvent debinding or catalytic debinding, are also commonly applied.

Sintering: Transforming Potential into Reality

After debinding, the “brown part” undergoes the sintering process. Here, the debound part is heated to temperatures near its melting point of the material, causing the metal powder to fuse together. This controlled process results in controlled shrinkage and typically achieves 99%+ of the metal’s theoretical density. Selecting temperature, duration, and atmosphere is key to achieve the desired material properties.

The final sintering profile depends on the feedstock, part geometry, and your specific setup and requirements.

Incus is Ready to Become a Part of your Production

At Incus, we understand that the design freedom LMM offers should not equate to design ignorance. When designing a part, it’s essential to consider the entire manufacturing chain. Like all technologies, sinter-based methods, such as MIM, have specific design guidelines to ensure a seamless and cost-efficient workflow.

Incus is committed to supporting you every step of the manufacturing chain to transform your designs into reality while ensuring efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

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Incus Hammer Lab35

Enhance your research and development process while efficiently developing your own feedstocks and pllications with Hammer Lab35 printer.

Incus Hammer Pro40

Take your innovation to the next level with Hammer Pro40, a high throughput production line that builds upon the pricniples of the Hammer Lab35 printing system.

Ing. Michael Horn

Head of Sales & Marketing

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Ing. Michael Horn

Head of Sales & Marketing

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