3D Metal printing for Medical & Dental applications

Ideal process for medical applications whether customized parts or mass manufacturing.

Print with Lithography-based Metal Manufacturing (LMM)

LMM for Medical and Dental applications means:

Highest accuracy and surface quality

Biocompatible and safe for medical use materials

High green part strength

Suitable for both single-piece production, and mass manufacturing

You are not sure yet, if the LMM Technology and our printers are the best for your Medical & Dental applications?

Discover Incus Manufacturing Journey of Customized Dental Brackets

Hammer Lab35 printer for medical applications

From crafting patient-specific dental implants to facilitating mass manufacturing, the Hammer Lab35 printer unlocks nearly unlimited potential for medical applications, accommodating a wide array of geometries and materials.


Incus 3D printers convince with easy implementation, consistency, flexibility and outstanding part quality



Incus offers a wide range of standard and customized materials for a broad spectrum of applications



Due to our superb details and surface aesthetics with highest mechanical properties our technology is the perfect match for a wide variety of applications

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