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LMM Printing Materials

High quality Feedstocks

Our carefully manufactured feedstocks, consisting of metal powders and organic binder, are the ideal material for the production of highly complex parts.
Our materials allow the printing of fine details and delicate structures, offer superior green strength, and unlock the full potential of our printers.
Customized feedstocks, developted in close cooperation with our customers enable us to meet your specific demands.

Your advantages using Incus Feedstocks

Attain properties identical to conventional machining

Print complex and delicate geometries

Achive superb surface finish and fine details

Recycle and reuse up to 99% of uncured feedstock

Metal Powders

Stainless Steel 17-4PH

17-4PH martensitic precipitation-hardening stainless steel is characterized by a good combination of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.
Additionally, parts made of this material are magnetizable and thus suited for applications requiring magnetic properties.
Typical fields of application include the surgical and aircraft industries.

Titanium 64

Ti-6Al-4V is a titanium alloy with exceptional corrosion resistance and strength-to-density ratio.
These properties allow the production of light-weight design parts fit for use in biomedical applications due to high biocompatibility.
Common applications include dental implants and other medical devices, as well as luxury goods.


Copper is commonly used in various applications for its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. In combination with the high precision of the LMM process, miniaturized complex conductive paths as well as structures for thermal management applications are feasible. Applications include heat sinks, computer processor chips, and sensors.

Custom Materials

Incus' technology works with a wide variety of powders: tungsten, brass, precious metals, and many more.
Contact us for more information about customized materials.

Your advantages using our customization options

Select from a wide range of metal powders

Recieve the perfect binder for your demands

Experience joint development for optimal properties

Obtain continuous support for implementation and usage

Binder Systems

BMP18 Binder System

General purpose binder for use in applications with average to complex geometries, wall thicknesses above 2 mm, and medium strength requirements for the green part.

BM101XT Binder System

Binder developed specially for use in printing highly complex geometries and wall thicknesses below 2 mm plus higher strength requirements for the green part.

Customized Binder Systems

Binders specifically developed for non-standard purposes and applications. Contact us for more information about customized binder solutions.

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Head of Application Engineering

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