Hammer Pro40.
Mass manufacturing.
Industrial scale production.

Take your AM production to the next level with the Hammer Pro40, a high throughput 3D printer for industrial demands enabeling automatic and continuous manufacturing of metal parts with LMM.

Production machine for advanced industrial applications

Large batches and mass production

Optimized cycle times

Hammer Pro40 Parameters

Lateral resolution

40 µm

Building volume (x, y, z)

200 x 153,6 x 150 mm

Layer thickness

10 – 100 µm

Projector type

two scrolling projectors

Material throughput

up to 700 cm³/h

Feedstock reloading


Printer dimensions (w, d, h)

158 x 110 x 200 cm

Your advantages using Incus LMM technology

3D printing without support structures

Highest surface aesthetics in metal AM

Sustainable recycling of printing material

Safe and clean working environment

Application areas

Designed and developed for mass production purposes, the Hammer Pro40  is engineered for the dynamic demands of mass production, effortlessly printing both larger and smaller parts. With industrial-grade efficiency, it significantly reduces cycle times, ensuring rapid and cost-effective manufacturing, and empowers  users to meet their production goals with unparalleled precision.

Mass Production
Improved coating mechanism and novel scrolling projector technology significantly increase material througput for higher production capabilities and mass production.
Large Parts
Massively increased building volume enables the production of lagers parts with superb surface finish, printing features, and details in well-known LMM quality.
Industrial Cycle Times
Automatic reloading of feedstock material and easy removal of finished printing jobs minimize machine downtimes, and production costs for maximum manufacturing efficiency.

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Head of Sales

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