Hammer Lab35.
Laboratory & Prototyping.
Small scale production.

Discover the Incus Hammer Lab35, desinged for producing complex metal parts with unique features and properties. Ideal for small series production, prototyping, and seamless integration with LMM.

Easy access point to Incus' technology

Small series production and prototyping

Easy integration and flexibility

Hammer Lab35 Parameters

Lateral resolution

35 µm

Building volume (x, y, z)

56 x 89.6 x 120 mm

Layer thickness

10 – 100 µm

Projector type

one static projector

Material throughput

up to 100 cm³/h

Feedstock reloading


Printer dimensions (w, d, h)

80 x 70 x 110 cm

Your advantages using Incus LMM technology

3D printing without support structures

Highest surface aesthetics in metal AM

Sustainable recycling of printing material

Safe and clean working environment

Application Areas

The Hammer Lab35 is a compact and flexible printer meticulously engineered to excel in prototyping, small-scale production, and pioneering research and development initiatives. This versatile machine serves as an multi-purpose device for quick realization and implementation of new concepts, facilitating low- to mid-volume production, and accelerating innovation.

Easy and seamless tansformation of concepts and ideas into phyiscal models for efficient testing and refinements by fast adaptations of printing parameters.
Small Scale Production
Printing of highest quality metal parts with outstanding surface quality and level of details enable the flexbile production of customized parts and conquering of niche markets.
Research & Development
Minimal feedstock consumption, fast printing material change, and adaptable building volumes allow quick part iterations and precise R&D processes, fostering innovation.

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