Lithoz spin-off Incus to unveil lithography-based metal 3D printing at Formnext

Lithoz, an Austria-based company specializing in ceramic additive manufacturing, has announced the formation of a new company: Incus GmbH. The new company, which will make its debut at Formnext 2019, will provide metal additive manufacturing solutions based on the stereolithography process.

Described as an evolution of Lithoz, Incus will introduce a new series of metal 3D printers: the Hammer Series. The technology that drives the hardware relies on photopolymerization and is capable of producing metal parts with excellent surface quality and high reproducibility. Moreover, Incus’s metal AM process can reportedly achieve rapid print rates and cost-efficient production.

The Hammer series 3D prints green parts from a photoreactive, metal-filled feedstock using a high-performance projector. The process eliminates the need for protective gas atmosphere solutions and makes for a safer printing environment. This feature also simplifies the printing, as it requires less elaborate parameters than other metal AM processes. Parts 3D printed using the technology must undergo debinding and sintering in order to reach final metallic properties.


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