Indo-MIM adds Incus Hammer Lab35 metal Additive Manufacturing machine as part of strategic partnership

Indo-MIM Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, India, has invested in an Incus Hammer Lab35 machine as part of a strategic partnership.

“Our partnership with Incus signifies one more important step in our journey to provide cutting-edge production ready metal 3D printing technology to our customers,” stated Krishna Chivukula Jr, CEO at Indo-MIM. The company explained that Chivukula was of the opinion that Incus technology would greatly boost Indo-MIM’s capabilities to support proto-sample development to medical device, fine jewellery and electronic industry and produce complex small components in production volumes offering 360-degree freedom to the design engineers. He further believed that a deeper integration between Additive Manufacturing and powder production processes would add to the speed of technology adaptation in the future.

The Hammer Lab35 uses a lithography-based metal manufacturing (LMM) technology, defined as a vat photopolymerisation process (VPP) by ISO/ASTM. The machine is designed for producing complex metal parts with unique features and properties, and is said to be ideal for small series production, prototyping, and seamless integration with LMM.

“We are proud to be supporting Indo-MIM, one of the biggest and highly recognised players in the industry and during their extensive technology analysis having convinced them on our capabilities,” stated Dr Gerald Mitteramskogler, CEO of INCUS GmbH. “This collaboration would greatly help in promoting the adaptation of our Incus lithography-based 3D printing technology and spur innovation to ultimately benefit the end users.”