Incus Expands its Material Portfolio with 99.9% Pure Copper

Incus is expanding its material portfolio!

In addition to our extensive experience with steel-alloy systems like 316L, 17-4PH, as well as with other materials, such as Ti6Al4V or CoCr, we are kicking off February by announcing the progression of 99,9% pure copper material to the production stage. While we’ve collaborated closely with external partners on copper development, Incus is now kickstarting our internal R&D activities.

We’ve been working on the most important aspect for copper-printing, the LMM binder system, for about a year. With the first furnace runs, we have achieved an impressive, isotropic 92% of the electrical and thermal conductivity of conventionally produced copper. The total time in the sinter furnace was optimized to below 12 hours.

The applications of oxygen-free copper are diverse, with significant interest in thermal management systems, electrical connectors, and RF communication. Using LMM, we can 3dprint intricate copper pieces with unparalleled surface aesthetics and the highest geometrical complexity. The beauty of LMM lies in its ability to eliminate support structures for the printing process and ensure a homogeneous powder distribution free of any defects, ensuring the best possible material performance.

The Incus technology is unique for its high solid loading of up to 60Vol% of copper powder, enabling the highest density and optimal shape post-sintering. It is commonly known in the world of sinter-based technologies that high solid loading is key to achieve the best mechanical properties and to prevent deformation during sintering.

The reason to be able to reach such high solid loadings in LMM lies in the combination of the binder system and the unique recoating mechanism developed by Incus. Part homogeneity and quality remain consistent, irrespective of part volume, allowing us to print both smaller complex parts and larger volume parts simultaneously with one parameter set.
Stay tuned for more innovations as we continue to redefine possibilities in additive manufacturing!