Incus Brings Hammer Lab35 Printer Into Series Production

Austrian engineering firm and OEM startup Incus GmbH has continued to grow the customer base for its flagship Hammer Lab35 metal 3D printer throughout 2020, having entered series production of the machine after its first shipment in March last year.

The printer is based on the lithography-based metal manufacturing (LMM) process developed by Incus for the manufacturing of prototypes and small-scale components of metal injection molding (MIM) quality. Now, the firm is looking to continue scaling up production of the Hammer Lab35 throughout 2021. 

“Despite this challenging year, we had great collaborations with customers and have proven the LMM has the potential to increase performance and to reduce costs for small and mid-scale production, as well as for manufacturing parts featuring complex geometries,” said Dr. Gerald Mitteramskogler, Incus CEO. “Our team is extremely proud to have added 3D printing of metals with lithography to the manufacturing landscape. We highly appreciate the trust and patience of our first customers that have been helping to develop our product and our company.”

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