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Incus is taking the printing of metal materials to the next level with a new process offering excellent surface aesthetics for complex structures combined with cost-efficiency, reproducibility and manufacturing speed.


Based on the concept of photopolymerization, our machine series and technology enables new possibilities in the 3D printing of metal components across a wide range of applications.



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The Hammer Lab35 is the best metal
3D printer for small high-resolution parts

Our modular package approach allows customers to create a tailor-made product to meet their specific needs.

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In addition to the 3D printer packages include proprietary software, feedstock, service and support options and additional hardware.


3D printer machines and feedstock to produce high-performance metal parts with excellent surface structures

Incus offers a comprehensive modular package that can be tailored to meet your production needs including the printer, software, material, service package and technical support, as well as partnership for material development. Our solutions enable precise, high-quality production for complex parts across a wide range of applications, from medical to automotive and aerospace to luxury jewellery.



Our technology: a new way of printing high-end metal components

Our Hammer Series metal printers fabricate green parts from a photoreactive, metal-filled feedstock using a high-performance projector. This allows for the production of accurate and precise green parts similar to Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) that also need to undergo a debinding and sintering process to yield the final metallic properties.


Cufflink printed with Hammer Lab35

Why Incus?

  • Highest achievable surface aesthetics
  • Possibility of processing non-flowable and non-weldable materials
  • Easy preparation of printing jobs and handling of machine
  • No need for any support structure for printing
  • Wide range of possible materials and quick exchange of materials
  • Stress-free sintering process results in good microstructure and mechanical properties
  • Safer working environment for the operator (no metal dust or high-power laser)

Service to meet your production needs

Our experienced team can provide on-call support and additional services such as feasibility studies, material development, sample part production and special part development.


About Us

Incus is an engineering company based in Vienna, Austria – an up-and-coming European additive manufacturing hub – offering a new approach to lithography-based metal additive manufacturing.

Born out of the research and development division of world market leader in technical ceramic additive manufacturing, Lithoz GmbH, Incus began with a passion for lithography-based additive manufacturing and a fascination with metal materials. Incus means ‘anvil’ in Latin, referencing our new approach on the centuries-old, traditional process for shaping metals.

The Incus team is made up of creative experts with knowledge, expertise and drive to bring new technologies and solutions to the market. The team is solution-oriented and meets every challenge with a focus on continuous improvement.


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