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Enable new applications, layer by layer, high resolution and surface quality with Lithography-based Metal Manufacturing.

Metal AM expert & pioneer of LMM

What makes LMM so special?

LMM utilizes lithography to create a 3D part layer by layer.

Used in manufacturing of computer chips, lithography offers unparalleled precision and surface quality in metal AM.

Eliminates the need for support structures during printing.

Provides a powder-free, clean, and safe working environment.

Incus offers the widest range of printing solutions and materials for both laboratory and industrial scale production needs.

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Hammer Series printers to match your expectations.

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Our vision is to revolutionize the industry with lithography-based metal manufacturing technology and become the preferred partner in metal additive manufacturing. 

Everything from one source

In-house production of machines and feedstock

Competent collaboration and support

Continuous development of 3D printers and materials



Incus 3D printers convince with easy implementation, consistency, flexibility and outstanding part quality



Incus offers a wide range of standard and customized materials for a broad spectrum of applications



Due to our superb details and surface aesthetics with highest mechanical properties our technology is the perfect match for a wide variety of applications

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The Incus team is made up of creative experts with the knowledge, expertise and drive to apply their technologies and solutions to your metal additive manufacturing needs. Our goal is to meet the challenges of our customers and their specific applications with a tailor-made, solution-oriented approach.

Denise Mödder, MSc, M. Phil.

Head of Application Engineering