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Incus, an Austrian 3D printing company, was founded at the end of 2019 around a unique metal additive manufacturing technology, called Lithography-based Metal Manufacturing (LMM). The technology is based on the principle of photopolymerization, where three dimensional parts are produced by selective solidification through exposure to a light source in a layerwise manner. The fundation of this technique lies in the well-established stereolithography process, which was in 2006 adapted for ceramic materials, at the Technical University of Vienna. In 2015 this approach was further developed to process metal particles dispersed in a light-sensitive resin to produce metal parts and shortly after LMM was born.

Located in Vienna, home to a rapid expanding and developing 3D printing hub, consisting of numerous AM companies, Incus thrives to bring metal AM to the next level. Our technology allows the production of metallic parts with unmatched precison and surface aethstetics. Consistency in achieved part quality on the one hand and flexiblity and design freedom on the other are key values of our LMM process. Incus provides an all-in-one solution of different 3D printer types as well as a wide range of available printing materials that satisfy all requirements.

Furthermore, Incus is commited to reducing raw material consumption and making a significant contibution to sustainable and resource-saving prodcution on both laboratory and industrial scale. Hence, over 99% of the raw material can be recycled multiple times without any loss in achieved results and quality.

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The Incus philosophy

Everything from one source

Competent collaboration and support

In-house production of machines and feedstock

Continuous development of 3D printers and materials

Hammer machines for your production


Incus 3D printers convince with easy implementaion, consistency, flexibility and outstanding part quality


Incus offers a wide range of standard and customized materials for a broad spectrum of applications


Incus LMM technology combines superb details and surface aesthetics with highest mechanical properties
Dr. Gerald Mitteramskogler Incus

Dr. Gerald Mitteramskogler


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