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Incus provides industry and research with additive manufacturing systems for the production of high-performance metals.


Incus offers a comprehensive modular package that can be tailored to meet your production needs including the printer, software, material, service package and technical support, as well as partnership for material development. Our solutions enable precise, high-quality production for complex parts across a wide range of applications, from medical to automotive and aerospace to luxury jewellery.


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Incus Hammer Series Machines

The Incus Hammer Lab35 is a reliable and user-friendly, plug-and-play network solution that performs in stand-alone operation.

The Incus Hammer Series allows research and industrial series production of 3D printed high-performance metals.


  • A server-based database for storing and editing process data facilitates the seamless documentation of print jobs and allows for real-time monitoring.
  • A WQXGA projector provides a higher resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and guarantees the absolute precision of printed components, especially in the micro ranges.
  • The chambers of the printers are climatized to guarantee a constant temperature and humidity throughout the whole production process.
Metal 3D Printer Hammer Lab35
Machine Parameters for Hammer Lab35  
Lateral resolution 35 µm
Number of pixels (X, Y) 2560 x 1600
Building volume (X, Y, Z) 89,6 x 56 x 120 mm
Slice thickness

10 - 100 µm

Building chamber Full climate control
Building velocity Up to 250 slices/h

Print speed

Up to 100 cm3/h


Boost your single and small-scale production with the Hammer Lab35 printing machine

With the Hammer Lab35, there are no restraints in material development. Really cool metals can be processed and with this 3D printer, you can expand production horizons.

Upgrade to Industrial Scale

It also allows for an easy extraction of the parts after the printing process.



Why the Hammer Lab35 metal 3D printer?

The Hammer Lab35 is a machine designed for material development. It serves as an entry model in the production with LMM technology. This lab-scale printer competes in speed with existing metal printers and allows economic single and small-scale production.

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Materials and feedstock

Additive Manufacturing of metals, ranging from iron-based alloys to titanium, copper, precious metals and hard metals

The LMM feedstock is a proprietary blend of photo-reactive resins and metal powders up to a solid loading of 60 Vol% (depending on the powder). This composition allows for a wide range of metals to be processed, from iron-based alloys to titanium, copper, precious metals and hard metals. The Incus technology can process the widest range of metals compared to other metal AM processes on the market. Each feedstock offered is tailored to perfectly suit Incus’ technology and to facilitate the production of high-quality parts for the desired application of the customer, i.e. Incus sells the feedstock and serves as a partner in customized material development and innovation studies.

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Services and support

Our goal is to give you the knowledge and support you need for the most efficient and high-quality production.

We are ready to support you with our expert advice. As a partner with experience and industry knowledge we will support your individual needs via the following:

  • Training and Consulting
  • Feasibility and Innovation Studies
  • Material Development
  • Sample/ Demo parts

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