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3D printed jewelry production unites the principles of investment casting with the benefits of a digital design and manufacturing process. With 3D printing, designers can produce sophisticated patterns and geometries that would be incredibly difficult to hand carve in the traditional manner, but the resulting  3D-printed pieces  look exactly like traditionally casted objects.

3D printing jewelry patterns in the Hammer Lab35 combines excellent surface aesthetics of VAT polymerisation 3D printing technology with precise print settings. Thanks to the use of an industrial light engine, extraordinary details and complicated yet delicate motifs can be captured with amazing sharpness.

Supporting manufacturing processes with additive manufacturing brings not only new possibilities in design and production, but a new customization options for clients as well. This customized pendant printed with the Hammer Lab35 is based on the street map of Vienna and shows the intricate pattern of geographical outline of the city.

The prototype is made from stainless steel and can be printed in different metals (silver, gold, brass, bronze etc.). In jewelry retail, custom digital design combined with the high-resolution 3D printing makes moving from design to production easier and faster.

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