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We have a passion for technology

Incus is an engineering company based in Vienna, Austria – a growing European additive manufacturing hub – with a new approach to lithography-based metal additive manufacturing.


Born out of the research and development division of world market leader in technical ceramic additive manufacturing, Lithoz GmbH, Incus began with a passion for lithography-based additive manufacturing and a fascination with metal materials. Incus means ‘anvil’ in latin, referencing our new approach on the centuries-old, traditional process for shaping metals.

Our product offering includes products, services and research – from printer, software and material to service packages, technical support and innovation studies. The fields of application are almost limitless and include the automotive, aerospace and medical sector as also jewellery or game piece manufacturing.



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Our mission

The Incus mission is to enable new possibilities for 3D printing of metal materials with lithography-based metal additive manufacturing.


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Our vision

The Incus vision is to revolutionize the industry with lithography-based metal manufacturing technology and to become the preferred partner in metal additive manufacturing for metal injection moulding.


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Our values

The Incus team is driven by the company’s most important values:

  • Collaboration – to be a reliable and solution-oriented part of your production

  • Innovation – to meet every challenge with a focus on continuous improvement

  • Passion – to do everything driven by passion for additive manufacturing technology


Meet the Incus team

We are ready to become part of your production.

The Incus team is made up of creative experts with the knowledge, expertise and drive to apply their technologies and solutions to your metal manufacturing.

Our goal is to meet the challenges of our customers and their specific applications with a tailor-made, solution-oriented approach.

Our team will personally support you in development, setup, technical trainings or with any questions about your project. We want to be a part of your production.


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Incus GmbH


Christine-Touaillon-Str. 11/Top 18
Technologiezentrum Seestadt / Building 2
1220 Vienna


+43 1 9346612 - 225



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