Hammer Lab35.
High-performance metals.
Complex parts.
Highest resolution.

Incus Hammer Series Machines

The Incus Hammer Lab35 creates strong, reliable metal parts up to 200g in size and is designed for boosting single and small-scale production

Simple and fast

High quality parts

Easy scale up

Machine Parameters

Pixel pitch

35 µm

Pixel count (x, y)

1600 x 2560 px

Printing volume (x, y, z)

56 x 89,6 x 120 mm

Slice thickness
10 – 100 µm
Building chamber
Full climate control

Print speed

Up to 200 layers/h

Print speed
Up to 100 cm3/h
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Each Hammer Lab35 machine is equipped with its own dashboard and independent database, which will track all printing jobs and machine parameters. Data from completed jobs can be exported, including machine state, uptime, print time and energy saving mode between print

Incus is further developing the software setup to view a history path of each job and view all changes made by layer group to better compare production batches and optimize printing parameters. Part of this development would be to allow direct export of data to the user’s network or ERP system and the possibility to send the report directly to the Incus Technical Service Team for diagnostic support. 

and support
Our goal is to give you the knowledge and support you need for the most efficient and high-quality production.


Lithography-based Metal Manufacturing technology can be applied in a wide range of industries and applications with printed parts ranging from larger drill heads or mould cooling devices, down to fine luxury jewelry, tiny dental brackets or hinges for glasses.

Ing. Michael Horn

Head of Sales

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Talk to our expert

Ing. Michael Horn

Head of Sales & Marketing

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